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Bretonne Rhapsody (french music for organ inspired by folk songs and Breton hymns)


14 pieces from Camille Saint-Saëns, Charles Tournemire, Paul Le Flem, Guy Ropartz, Gaston Litaize, Jean Langlais as elegy of folk and singing from Brittany…

  1. 01 Trois rhapsodies sur des cantiques bretons 1 Andantino con moto (Camille Saint-Saëns) Georges Delvallée 1:40
  2. 02 Trois rhapsodies sur des cantiques bretons 2 Allegro moderato et pomposo (Camille Saint-Saëns) Georges Delvallée 1:43
  3. 03 Trois rhapsodies sur des cantiques bretons 3 Andantino (Camille Saint-Saëns) Georges Delvallée 1:48
  4. 04 Petites pièces Chanson du Finistère (Charles Tournemire) Georges Delvallée 1:16
  5. 05 Petites pièces Petite rhapsodie bretonne (Charles Tournemire) Georges Delvallée 1:01
  6. 06 Petites pièces Danse du Finistère (Charles Tournemire) Georges Delvallée 0:46
  7. 07 Le chant des genêts Pour bercer (Paul Le Flem) Georges Delvallée 1:06
  8. 08 Rhapsodie sur deux noëls populaires de la Haute Bretagne (Joseph-Guy Ropartz) Georges Delvallée 1:55
  9. 09 Prélude liturgique n°XIV sur un thème breton (Gaston Litaize) Georges Delvallée 0:56
  10. 10 Prélude liturgique n°X sur un cantique breton (Gaston Litaize) Georges Delvallée 0:43
  11. 11 Suite folklorique Cantique (Jean Langlais) Georges Delvallée 1:25
  12. 12 Suite folklorique Rhapsodie sur deux noëls (Jean Langlais) Georges Delvallée 0:55
  13. 13 Huit chants de Bretagne Itron varia rumengol (Jean Langlais) Georges Delvallée 0:53
  14. 14 Huit chants de Bretagne Sonjit den faziet (Jean Langlais) Georges Delvallée 0:51

Brittany, its popular songs and hymns, have been a remarkable source of inspiration for many 20th century composers, some of them from Brittany, as well as Joseph-Guy Ropartz, Paul Le Flem, Jean Langlais, present in this album. For some others, it was the perception of a particular feeling, which was never founded in other country.

Jean Langlais recalls : “The Breton folklore, always modal and minor, has a melancholic character due in large part to the dramas that the sea caused among us …“. This provide the emotion and the intensity that go through all the works of this album, in the interpretation that Georges Delvallée proposes.

The Great Organ of the Saint-Servan Holy Cross Church in Saint-Malo built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, as all those entirely by his hand, this great organ was already in 1885 unanimous among the first listeners who noted during its inauguration its luminosity and sound purity: “the delicacy of its games of detail, the roundness of its funds and the nobility of its reeds “. Restored in 1987 by Philippe Émeriau, it has retained all its splendor and authenticity emphasized by the interpretation of Georges Delvallée.


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