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French old Christmas Music for organ (Louis-Claude DAQUIN, Nicolas LEBÈGUE, Jean-François DANDRIEU, Claude BALBASTRE, Michel CORRETTE, Antoine DORNEL)


« Christmas music for great organ » by Georges Delvallée, Maroilles historical organ.

(Pieces from Louis-Claude Daquin, Nicolas Lebègue, Jean-François Dandrieu, Claude Balbastre, Michel Corrette, Antoine Dornel)

  1. Adam fut un pauvre homme Georges Delvallee 1:28
  2. Bon Joseph écoutez-moi Georges Delvallee 0:37
  3. Nous sommes en voie Georges Delvallee 0:44
  4. Chrétien qui suivez l'Église... Georges Delvallee 0:51
  5. Mais on san es allé Nau Georges Delvallee 0:19
  6. Allons voir ce divin gage Georges Delvallee 0:35
  7. Les Cloches Georges Delvallee 1:20
  8. À la venue de Noël... Georges Delvallee 0:56
  9. Noël de Saintonge Georges Delvallee 0:53
  10. Joseph est bien marié Georges Delvallee 1:23
  11. Vous qui désirez sans fin Georges Delvallee 0:45
  12. Noël étranger Georges Delvallee 0:54

The « Christmas music for organ » keep a special place in the history of classical French organ music : famous for more than a century, this musical genre was mostly illustrated by the works of the composers present in this record. Through the ear first, but also by heart that aimed these pieces of music which develop or more often vary popular melodies well known, remaining in our memories until our days, renewing constantly the interest by using contrasting timbres, rhythms very close to the “terroir”, and an instrumental style often very brilliant, elegant and transparent. For many of them of secular origin (the words testify), picturesque, decorative or intimate and candid, these music evoke the “Holly News”, the Nativity and its characters and the Clarity of the Christmas Eve, with great hope.

CD single – 8 pages booklet, illustrated.


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